October 7, 2013

I loved my Saturday!!!!

Slept in till late in the afternoon and then watched We're the Millers with the boyfriend in bed. 
It was a very funny movie BTW. A lil stupid and unrealistic but funny.

Got ready late in the evening to head out for dinner and meet my darlings at Nana after that ~~

Camwhored before heading out and uhhh I think I look damn weird here but I like it. Hahaha. Realised my face gets smaller when I don't drink water before I sleep.
Bustier top from Marcharies!

We walked around in town for like an hour finding restaurants/food to eat. I wanted shiok maki but the queue was so friggin long. We couldn't wait cos it was 8+pm and VERY HUNGRY.
Walked past the TAKA food court and told CY that I wanted to eat Nasi Padang. He didn't believe me. You see... my bf thinks I have princess syndrome and thinks I am lying whenever I say I wanna eat at a kopitiam/food court. And he's the type who always wants to feed me the best food as well. And usually restaurants are the most comfy. So he doesn't believe me when I say I wanna eat at food courts/kopitiams/coffee shops. I do have princess syndrome in some ways but I totally grew up eating in food courts and all ok?!?!!? I can do it!!! 

Finally he relented and I got to eat my yummy Nasi Padang!!!! If you guys are at Taka and wanna eat, try the Nasi Padang!!! I love the rendang curry and chilli ikan bilis+peanuts. Yummy. I finished all my food!

Happy me~~~

Nana after!!!
This is my little baby Tay. And I love her so much that I am a lil bit too overprotective sometimes. Haha.

My other Korean baby, who just came home. So happy to have her home.

And the biggest baby of all. 


Mae came down as well since YY was singing ~

Famous chicken wings that were yummy but I still prefer Eden's (my bf's maid)

It was a nice night, with the people close to my heart, bonding over my favourite beer. 
I really always wish time would pass so much slower during moments like these...

I don't have a lot of things. But I have them. And that is all I could ever ask for.


  1. hey pretty where did you get your tops
    it's so nice :)

  2. You don't have a lot of things? You have everything! You have looks, money, clothes, bags, shoes, friends, love, a loving family. You have everything a girl can ask for.

  3. you have all the things that I wish to have!


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