Some Money...

October 16, 2013

... Should simply not be earned. 

There are the shoots that require the taking off of too much clothes along with your dignity... And the jobs that you don't really believe in. And then the people that are willing to pay you but are rude to you and try to tell you how to do your job.

How to deal?

So the reason I'm blogging about this is a personal encounter with a blogshop owner who not only didn't give me respect for my work, but also talked in a way that was extremely rude. I sent my friends screenshots of our whatsapp conversation and asked my friends what to do. One or two suggested I just take the money and do a shit job because... Well, why shouldn't I take this rude person's money, right? 

I thought about it for a second and decided against it immediately. I asked for her account number minutes later and did a refund. 

Of course I would love to make her money, but I would only wanna do ads that I 1) truly believe in 2) really put effort into doing. 

Some money should simply not be earned. Not when it makes you feel small, not when it takes your pride and dignity in exchange, not when you know you shouldn't do it. Money can be earned in many ways and I always believe in working hard and always being true to yourself. 

Before you think that I am unable to take criticisms, I most definitely am. But only if it is constructive and not degrading nor disrespectful. I am probably my worst critic anyway!!! 

Hopefully I don't ever have to come across any more unprofessional people like this! But seriously speaking, most, almost all the blogshop owners I've worked with are amazing. Just check out what this sweetheart Cleo who owns shopOOTD did for my family/me just two nights ago! 

More on the item from her blogshop soon - stay tuned to my instagram! 

And a random selfshot - me in a thinking pose when I'm really just showing off my nails HAHAHA. 
Also no eyeliner which I'm starting to embrace!

Have a great rest of the week guys! 


  1. You are such an hypocrite yourself. You said you won't do advert for things you don't believe in. The way you say

    "StrangerThanStrange contacted me awhile ago to do a short post for them and I was sooo excited upon seeing their webstore!
    Lotsa edgy stuff with a distinct style that's a bit 'street' - I am unfortunately not that exciting, though. So I picked this cute sheer top that I can just throw on with shorts/jeans/tights and head out!
    Haven't worn it yet but I can't wait to ~"

    is totally contradicting on what you typed. First you say excited, then you say not excited because it's not your style, then why bother accepting this advert request?

    I used to love reading your blog and find that you were a nice and genuine girl. But I guess fame, money and beauty is more important right now, than being true to yourself and your readers.

    1. I honestly think you've misunderstood her. She said "I am unfortunately not exciting though" which means she's not one of those edgy girls who often wear street style clothes and instead opted for her usual feminine clothes, hence picking the sheer lace top. It's not that she's not excited to do the advert. "I am not exciting" and "I am not excited" are two totally different meanings altogether. Rachel seems like a pretty sweet girl, and it's unfair to accuse her of being someone terribly hungry for fame, beauty and money just because of your misunderstanding.

    2. THANK YOU to the nice second anon for your accurate interpretation:)

  2. thank you for blogging rachel! i really enjoy reading your posts and i look forward to read a new entry every single day! thanks for dedicating so much time for your readers even if you have to juggle between school etc. you really are a kind-hearted and genuine person! looking forward to reading your next entry :)

    1. thanku for your support and love! i will keep working hard :D thanku!!

  3. Sister Wong didn't get no egg tart! But awww.

    1. buy for u when i see u next :D

  4. I was wonderng where did you buy the superga shoes from?

    1. they sent it to me! you can check out the online sg website!

  5. Well. Maybe its right that your photos are not that nice, not all but some. But I am sure that out of 100 photos, 96 of them are edited... Am not quite sure of the reasons behind all these editing, but if you are not confident of yourself naturally, why should people feel so too?
    Little editing is fine. But when it gets over, its rather not nice. Think about it. I am sure everyone prefers you to look more natural.

  6. & btw, when people arent nice to us, you say they are rude/ unprofessional... so when people are nice to you, you say they are awesome/ professional... the problem now isnt whether they are professionals or not... it is the way you think & how you treat others. Dont just criticise people who are not nice to u rude / unprofessional. Everyone has their way of thinking, so thats something we totally cant stop. They could have been like this because of the way you present yourself. So alot of times, think about why, dont just make judgemental conclusions. I am also learning as I grow. This may not be something you like or want to see/ read, but just take every feedback positively & thats where you will improve.

  7. Word of advice - you deal with people you like or don't like professionally


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