Sunday Adventures

October 10, 2013

Before I get to blogging about my Saturday, I'm gonna blog about Sunday!

I always love everything about Sunday. Lazy mornings, church (when I do go in the morning), the easiness of it compared to the busy week before it. 
Especially because last night was especially rainy. Today was a wonderful day!

Woke up to head to People's Park Centre to get my nails done. WAYYYY overdue ok?! My nails had grown out SO MUCH. And the pink was fading away. I was supposed to go 2 weeks ago but I've been so busy.... school and everything.
Anyway happy to finally be able to catch Belle at a good time. I always love my sessions with her!

Here are my latest set of nails! Inspired by Reiee's!
I love em so much. Very bling and 'royal'.
There will be an event happening with Belle @glitzyfingers on the 20th, so I hope to see ya there if it's possible! Do stay tuned to the account on instagram for more details 

Also, my #OOTD. I love OOTDs taken by my bf. Hehe.
This pretty midi dress is something I usually don't wear but I picked it out to wear today cos it felt like a Sunday kinda dress. 
Thank you for sending me this dress, LOUI.G! xx

New silver and gold rings that are very shiny in real life and look so perfect with my existing rose gold Cartier one. Bf got em for me. Love it love them love you!

Off to my City Plaza for early dinner/late lunch. My fav BANMIAN!!!!

I ate 4 of out the 6 slices of luncheon meat, finished my jelly drink, chrysanthemum drink and bowl of meehoonkueh. I am so greedy all the time man. Hahaha.

Muji Shoppin'. I love Muji!

And home with the keeper of my heart. Her beautiful innocent face is something I can't help but love more and more each day! And it has been 5 years!

We, you and me, have reached a new milestone this week. 
My aim for the week starting last Sunday was to get 1 blogpost up a day - a personal goal. It is Wednesday and.....
 I've posted, drafted and scheduled 9 so far!!!! 
Coupled with my school work, it is really tiring... BUT I LOVE IT!!! I love working hard because I feel I am really lucky to be given the opportunities to!

If you've been reading my blog recently, everyday, (like how some of my very sweet readers email or tweet me to tell me they do so) you would have joined me on my latest achievement as well...
And I justt wanna say thanku from the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful for all of my readers, the numbers haven't stopped increasing since I started blogging on this site. I'm so thankful, grateful, blessed. I will keep working hard :D

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!

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