Sushi Tei

October 4, 2013

Another Wednesday at school but it was slightly different cos we were gonna meet our Minji who's finally back after school! 

My OOTD was very casual - Pants by YoungHungryFree, H&M sandals, Dior clutch

Chilled out at her place/swam/nua-ed, then headed to Sushi Tei for a yummy dinner!

Holland V's sushi tei is a nice place to sit down, chit chat over sushi... but the standard of food is so-so only. 
As usual we over-ordered, overate and laughed too loudly. HAHA.

Greedy Ji and I!

No one can ever replace these 2. Thanks for sticking by me these 2 years and loving me for who I really am. You've seen the ugliest sides of me and have always been there... love you two like crazy xx


Also a short advert for ILOVECUPCAKES!

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I picked this cut-out romper for my advert and I love it ~~ It's a little black romper. An essential!

Don't miss out on their new arrivals! Cute basics and some nice monochrome stuff. I love BNW.

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Thank you for reading :DD


  1. Hi Rachel, where do you get your lens from now?
    because lensocheap seems to have close down. );

  2. Hi Rach! Can I ask what size did you bought for the chrome hearts top? S or XS? :)

  3. Hi Rachel! May I know what course are you taking in your school? :) I'm looking for courses that I am interested in and I saw that your course can allow you to "play" with make up! Can you tell what else do you do in your course? :) thank you so much!! :)


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