3 Peas & Timbre

November 25, 2013

I'm back from my short KL trip and finally able to blog about my Saturday night!
BTW, I enjoyed my trip very much, but will be leaving that post for another time... when I get all the photos I need! Thank you KL, E!Special and Jay Park for making my trip so awesome...

Saturday was movie date night. Been hearing lotsa good reviews on our local film '3 peas' and kept bugging CY to go catch it with me. Finally he relented and we did so! I liked how weird the plot twist was in the story. Unexpected! A brave move from M Chong. 
Anyway because we didn't wanna go too far on Saturday as I had to fly off the next day so we booked tickets at GV Tampines, and ended up here at Arashi Genkotsu Ramen @ Tampines 1 for dinner.

Grumpy and hungry CY lol.

Happy me cos I was HUNGRYYYYYY too, waiting for food that I thought was gonna be yummy.

My necklace is kindly in c/o MissGritty, full blogpost on em up next! (probably on the top of this post hehehe) I love this necklace SOOOO much ok. Like seriously I can pair it with so many things.

The food on the pictures looked so good outside and so we decided to try it......
But unfortunately it was so disappointing. NOT RECOMMENDED!!!!
The noodles were so bitter, the soup was not thick at all and not tasty enough.
Maybe we are spoilt because we had SUCH AWESOME ramen in Tokyo already... but this was really not good.

Thankful I ordered these extra veggies tho. I love the taste of them heeeh.

OOTD : Top will be featured in upcoming blogpost for AntiClockwise, and skirt from my usual favourite YOUNGHUNGRYFREE!

Impromptu plan then to meet up with Chai and the rest. Timbre again! Love live music with alcohol. Hahha. 

Justttttt camwhoringggggg.

I love the truffle fries and hawaiian pizza!
Everyone loves the duck pizza but I'm not a fan cos it's too salty and I don't like the taste of the sauce....
The all meat one on the right was also just ok. 
I'm gonna always order the truffle fries and hawaiian pizza. Try it when you're there!

Happy chill night out! Will definitely be back at Timbre again soon cos I simply love it so much. Also, the band that night was damn awesome. The singer's vocals was SO good. There IS local talent and not just on TV.

This is officially my first week of holidays till the next semester of school starts next year.


Happy week ahead, everybody!!!!

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