November 19, 2013

Something nice happened today in midst of the chaos in my life.
I'm going through a bad time now and am thankful for little joys like this.
Yeap as you can probably already guess, I hit 50k today on Instagram!
Thank you if you're following me or have liked my pics, I am truly nothing without the support and so I just wanna say thank you!

In view of how Xmas is approaching soon and 50 is definitely a nice and whole number...
I've decided to do advertorial promotions again on my instagram/blogpost advertorials!

Please email me for the rates at rachelwongz@hotmail.com
*It will be ongoing for all the ads engaged and paid for the next 3 weeks!*

Once again, THANKUEWWW for the support!!
I'll keep working hard to post nice pictures, this is a promise.

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