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November 28, 2013

So the other day I wore this black mini dress and went to surprise my friend for her birthday -  I got quite a few comments/emails asking me where this basic dress is from!
We girls can't live without our basics, can we?!
So today I'm sharing where I got this dress from. It is from none other than 
Ninth Store!
(previously known as Quinze)

It isn't just a simple basic, though. 
I kept saying this to every single one of my friends I met that day - when I got into the car, when I got off the car... before I went home.... Non stop. 
"Eh, look at my dress today. Simple in the front... and PARTY IN THE BACK!!!!"

I simply LOVE the cross back details!

They also sent me this lovely black necklace that I can't wait to pair with one of my new blouses...

And these buckled platform shoes that can give me height without the pain!

They have LOADS of other goodies in store. I'm eyeing all the basics and all the luxe necklaces. 

Plenty of shoes to choose from as well!

Quote my name Rachel15 for 15% off orders above $60!

Happy shopping, girls!

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