Boys Night

November 11, 2013

Finally took a break from getting well/doing my work/submissions and headed out for a night with my two best boys - my bf CY and bestboyfriend Meowvin!

Selfie first lolll ~

Dinner at Tonkatsu . Ma Maison at Mandarin Gallery!!! First time for all of us. Lol. It was kinda a last resort cos Ippudo's queue was crazzzzzy, and so was everywhere else. This place, was not as crowded but we decided to just give it a try. So glad we did cos it's really quite good!!!!

People often had the wrong idea and even scolded me for being so close to Melvin thinking that I am cheating on CY but trust me, these two are as good friends as I am with the both of em. Hahah. There is love, support and friendship all around ~ 

Am I a lucky girl or what, going out with two handsome boisssss who shopped with me, paid for dinner, and carried my things. Hehehehehe. 

Selfie while waiting for food. HAHAH. Selfie at every moment.

I gotta rate the food like a 7.5/10?? It was really good except I think the more expensive pork was definitely softer and better (ask for recommendations) and my prawn tonkatsu one was very good on its own... 9/10!!!! 
Lacking in the sauce, I feel. A good spicy sauce would be awesome cos I love spicy food.

Do we lookalike? A lot of people say so - even our families and almost all our friends. They say especially so when I have no makeup on.

Another selfie for fun hahahaaaa

Karaoke after. One of the best ways to enjoy time together, I feel.
They both sing well and I am the one with the horrible voice they have to bear with HAHA. Something funny that happened was when I sang a verse of some chinese song and they looked at each other and laughed... I asked why and they said : "It was good, we were shocked" HAHAHAHA!!!!! DAMN BAD OK?!!?
Since I felt bad they had to listen to my singing, carry stuff, pay for dinner - I bluffed the two monkeys I was going to the toilet and paid the bill and they were super mean again, only after that they said "actually your singing isn't that bad afterall..." HAHAHA. MEAN!!!!

CY also bought me a super huge macaron from PAUL that I enjoyed much later at night. Heeehee. It was damn sweet and yummy!

Last week of crazy work&school. 
I willllll survive.

Updates on instagram/twitter, and I'll try my best here as well!

Have a great week ahead, everyone ^.^

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  1. Hi Rachel, may I know where do u usually go for Ktv?


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