Chanel : Little Black Jacket

November 13, 2013

Not gonna start off this post with a pretty picture - lots of pics of me acting(keyword here) pretty below. Here is one of my silly face. Meant to send it just to my friends but thought it would be fun to post it up since I usually don't do so!


Ok the rest are 'act chio' pictures. Hahahahah.

The reason I spent extra time on my makeup and dolling up - The Chanel Little Black Jacket photo exhibition, of course!
They kindly invited all the fashion kids at Lasalle to check it out. So excited.

But dinner first with my girl! Such a rushed dinner cos we were so late....

Dolled up and beautiful in her new black dress!

We ordered way too much and had to errrr... call for backup. Hahahaha. 

Off for the exhibition at MBS Artscience Museum!

My dress that night. A very different look from my usual style but that's what I love to do - dress up in different styles everyday! Some days I dress like a boy, some days I dress girly, some days I like to look like some punk rock girl (LOL) some days I act cute... and some days I want to dress mature. This was one of the days.

Different background - HAHAH.


I love Zhou Xun, she's so beautiful!

Should have taken more pictures with my other classmates/friends but... we were too caught up with other things. Hahaha.

Back to submissions/doing work/not sleeping!
Just 9 more days to total freedom!!!



  1. Hey rachel, what contact lense are you using? Pretty!


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