Chilllout Saturday

November 4, 2013

It was a really lazy weekend cos the week had been so busy and crazy already - basically just hung out with CY/friends and chilled out/ate.

Didn't really bother dressing up  - threw on this effortlessly cute black top with my frill shorts. More on where I got the top from in one of my next few posts!
The shorts, you can find out where they're from in one of the older posts :)

We headed to Joo Chiat for one of the best BKTs around, the black herbal type. I prefer Ng Ah Sio's one though CY prefers this... To each their own! I prefer Ng Ah Sio's peppery clear soup taste and the pig trotter dish there is muchhhhh softer. Price and portion-wise, it's more worth it here cos portions are big. But for me I like a bit of everything so I also prefer Ng Ah Sio's BKT in that sense... and wow I'm sounding like a food critic HAHAHA.

It was really full house, so we queued for awhile!

Definitely could NOT finish this amount. BTW, I'm putting on so much weight. It's so annoying cos I love food so much.... 
I can't decide. Hahahha.

Karaoke after at our fav Teo Heng! 

And we headed off after to Chai's place to eat AGAIN.... Shabu and yakiniku heaven. God I ate so much. 

Although my weekend was pretty boring this week. I REALLY needed it. Just to chill out and relax.
I also fell sick when I got home and I'm still sick now, down with a flu.... Hoping I can recover ASAP cos it's gonna be a busy two weeks again >< !!!

Have a great week ahead everybodyyyyy :D
Hang in there cos it's almost Xmas. I'm counting down already. It's my favourite time of the year.

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