DRx : I can't get enough!

November 7, 2013

Starting off this post with a picture of my naked face ~~~ Me in a cab on the way to DRx to stock up on products and get my dark circle laser treatment done. One of the very few appointments I can make myself wake up for! They're always so busy so I feel so lucky when I can get an appointment.

You would have noticed that recently I'm just super open about posting my naked face/near naked face. That's cos I'm proud of it! My skin is definitely not perfect - far from it - but it is SO much better than before. I was even comfortable enough to walk around in town with this face. 
If you are wondering, I only have tinted sunblock on and drew my eyebrows. That's it!!!!! 

I've always believed that good skin is the best makeup, but unfortunately, I didn't take care of my skin as a teenager, often using products that were not suitable for my skin... Also, all the late nights definitely took its toll on my skin, especially my dark circles!

If you know me, you'd know I have full makeup on almost EVERYDAY ~~ 
I actually did a make up tutorial but the video can't be uploaded for IDUNNOWHAT reason. I will work on it again during my holidays and get something proper up! But for now - I'll just post pics of the makeup products I use everyday. They are images found online as my makeup look very messy/dirty (they're not, they just LOOK it k!!!) But anyway it's not very presentable so I went to google pictures! ><
My basics are made up of 6 products :

1 - DRX Tinted Sunblock 
(as a base, replacement for BB cream. Yes, I don't need BB cream anymore thanks to DRx!)

2 - NYX concealer 

3 - CHANEL loose powder 

4 - 3CE eyebrow pencil

5 - 3CE cream blusher (I have orange and pink, depends on my mood)

6 - KATE eyeliner (brown)

I used to have mascara, fake eyelashes, BB cream AND pressed powder in my routine. But that's a thing of the past now!
Since my skin has started to look better, I am actually cutting down slowly on my makeup. I think tomorrow onwards I'm going to go to school without makeup since I've been so busy as well!

Much of the reason for my improvement in my skin condition should definitely be credited to DRx. 
I love all their products, but these 4 are extra special. Let me explain what they do!
Left to right :
MAX-C is a vitamin C sort of serum that makes your skin brighter, clearer... "glowing". It helps to lighten dull skin and protect it from bad air/sunrays etc.
HYDRATOR is an awesome moisturiser that is of a completely different texture from usual ones. You gotta try it to feel the difference!
COMEDONE FORMULA lessens blackheads, white heads and oil clogs. It is so effective! REALLY.
VITA-GEL is a new gel I'm trying out and I will post more reviews on this! It's for clearing oil clogs/pimples also.

MAX-C has gotta be my fav!

So damn thankful for DRx for giving me confidence to live without makeup and love my skin more.

Anyway, my skin condition and yours are most probably different so regarding price and what products you should use, please give DRx a call to make an appointment for consultation!
Only they know what is best for you.
And price-wise, it is definitely not crazy expensive like people think it is, and anyway, so super worth it. I'm not paid to say all of this BTW, and it was my choice to work with DRx! Definitely products I will use for a long time!


DRx Clinic and Medispa (14th floor)
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862

Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH



  1. Can you tell me what is the price range of DRx products?

  2. Hi, care to share the prices of the products mentioned in this post?
    Where to get NYX concealer? Is it good?
    Thanks! :)

  3. Love all ur blogposts. So insightful, interestibg and well-written. God bless you in everything u do Rachel :)

  4. Hi rachel! May I know how much is the dark eye circles treatment? Would really appreciate it if you can reply because I'm thinking of doing it as well! Thank you!

  5. What shade is your nyx concealer?

  6. Your eyebrows are way too scary :/

  7. Hey Rachel, i am very curious that how do you maintain your r/s with your boyfriend? Like he's in army and you guys hardly get to talk to each other and get to meetup only twice or less a week. You guys wont argue/quarrel? Maybe u could share abt it?


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