Hello Holidays!

November 21, 2013

Dressed up in my full length jumpsuit in c/o TOPSHOP Singapore for the last day of school - presentation day and my final submissions.
Was SO excited and SO happy about this date.... It has been a few unbearable weeks!
Although I blog about my outings and all that, the other amount of time is basically ALL spent on my school work. Crazy times. But so worth it when you see your work in front of you.

First meal of the day at ITACHO with A and M after all the submissions/school stuff were settled!

My fav Sushi from ITACHO. Some Inari with spicy salmon thing.

Some time finally spent with my sweetheart. Very happy.

She bought me fruit juice and I bought her Mochi :D
This is at 313!

Took a walk after that..... to Timbre.

Timbre with the rest of our classmates!
Some drinks, truffle fries, duck pizza and live music. Oh and in the best company.
So so so happy.

Here's a video I uploaded on Instagram while the band was playing 'Use Somebody'.
I love my classmates.

Looking forward to go back again and enjoying the rest of my holidays!
This week is already packed full and today is actually my only free day which is why I'm spending it at home to rest.

If anyone from Malaysia is reading this... I'm heading to KL on Sunday for a short trip, just a night to catch Jay Park there! Do leave a comment here, or my instagram, or email, and share wimme what's some places I MUST VISIT! Especially food places cos I'm really greedy. Hehehe. Thank you in advance!
Will share more about my trip here and on Instagram as well in detail so stay tuned



  1. HoW old are u? 30s?

  2. Visit the red bean bag, publika for brunch! nice

  3. Hi Rachel :) How much is the topshop jumpsuit? ^^


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