November 19, 2013

Finally here to blog about the i.t Bugis opening that I attended last week :D
Was so excited to be attending this event cos I am a fan of izzue and wanted to check out CHOCOLATE, which is new. In HK, i.t brands are super huge. Like ALLL the HK people wear i.t. So other than Korean style, I like other styles from other countries too okay!

My OOTD that was kindly in credits of i.t/izzue. Hehehhe. Fully dressed in izzue. 
Just the bag and shoes and necklace are my own. The inner shirt, oversized sweater and black skirt are all from izzue.

CHOCOLATE finally lands in SG. 
This is a famous brand but it's more for guys I guess! Super cute collab with Baby Milo as well. The lil bro of Bathing Ape, if you didn't know.

The izzue side of i.t. My personal fav.

I sincerely wish that all guys would dress up in izzue. I likeeee. *.* Hahahaha.

Chocolates because of CHOCOLATE's new launch! Choco choco everywhere.

I usually check who else is attending an event before I go ahead and say yes and so I was happy to know that I had friends attending as well :D

Nigel and Michelle.

Gushcloud bloggers! Some of us anyway. Yes, I'm really so short. HAHAHAHA.

Love the brightly lit store so I can see every detail clearly waahahah. This pic was taken in Fingercroxx's side of the store.

Head on down to check out i.t at either of their outlets!
Wisma's outlet has more brands including...
 b + a b, 5cm, tout √† coup, Venilla suite, PAGEBOY, mysty woman and AS KNOW AS and of course, izzue, CHOCOLATE, 5cm, and fingercroxx too - the 4 of which is at their Bugis outlet too.

Wisma Atria #03-15 and Bugis Junction #02-11.

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  1. Hi Rachel! How much did you bought your Chanel bag at? :)


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