November 14, 2013

I've actually received MANY emails asking about my school life. More than 20 at least, not including comments on the blog. 
Well today I had a big assessment... and I suddenly got inspired to finally do a post on this.
It has been a few sleepless nights so bear with me if I don't write too well this time. But I am trying because I really have the feel to do this!

Let's go back to when we were all 16 and had to make that decision to choose what we wanted to do. 
JC was never an option for me because I HATE STUDYING.
'O' Levels were definitely not a breeze for me... I was going thru a lot emotionally and I spent little or no time on studying at all. My parents were actually ready to send me to private school to retake my 'O's as I had told them I wasn't going to do well. 
Surprisingly... I managed to score a 12, 19. (D7 for Accounts. Which is not surprising AT ALL. Cos I cannot count to save my life LOL) 12 and 19. It wasn't great but for someone who didn't study and actually CRIED through two papers... It was a really pleasant surprise for everyone. My mom even bought a cake to celebrate.... HAHAHA. Drama queen!!!!
This also meant that I would have more options, cos that's how it works. The smaller the score the more options you had.

I asked around a lot about which poly to go to because JC wasn't an option for me and I thought Poly would have been the best choice. In the end, after much persuasion (from my parents especially), my first choice on the list was Singapore Poly's Business Admin course and I got it, as expected - my score was below the minimum. 
I didn't hate SP, but I hated the course. I had such problems with Econs, Accounts and it was such a dread for me to go to school. I hated the distance as well... It's so far from my home.
I dragged myself to school almost everyday. And I kept failing at everything with numbers.
That's when I sat down and talked to my parents about it and told them I wanted to leave. This was very important as I didn't want to make any decisions without them saying yes. Also, this was after more than 1 semester. I am so thankful that they were supportive, as they often are. 

"So what are you going to do now?
 Just hang around? 
With just an 'O' Levels cert?"
These questions were what people around me asked me, especially the elders. 
It really is true, an 'O' Level cert is nothing now in this day and age. It's even hard to get a good job with a degree. 

I have definitely always loved dressing up and so I thought I should do what I like and study Fashion... did research online, to arrive at a final decision of taking up a diploma course either at Lasalle or Nafa. Lasalle was definitely my first choice... although it was kind of intimidating to me at first, the architecture alone is so beautiful and the students who went there seemed so well dressed all the time!
But I put my hesitations aside when I saw how happy my parents were that I made a choice to do SOMETHING. I applied online and went down for the interview with my portfolio that I had prepared just a week before. There was actually a course for us to prepare a portfolio so I went for it. It was my first time ever drawing and doing art stuff and it was weird to me at first but I sort of really liked it.

Fast forward a few months and I started school. It was so CRAZY, the workload, the timetable... It was something so foreign and so new. Classes where you have lecturers ask you to draw what you feel and paint and explore life deeper... I also met two of my bestest friends, and made many more along the way. The people in Lasalle, I feel, are all a little weird. Like me. I think everyone is weird in their own way BUT the only reason I feel we are even weirder is cos we are given the freedom to express it, and are encouraged to too!

If you are wondering, I am in Fashion Communications course (there is also Design and Management) but I chose Comm as I love to write (that's why I have a blog!) I'm currently in Year 3 and I have actually only been doing fashion, fashion for 2nd and 3rd year of my Lasalle life. The first year we all had to undergo foundation course where you paint, draw, learn basic Photoshop and Illustrator etc. 
We don't have exams, and we have to learn to sew and draft in second year... and we don't sleep much especially when it is assessment period. Like literally no sleep. And yes there is definitely more drama at the fashion side of school, and almost nobody wears slippers to school and we tease each other when we do. HAHA. Also, break times are OOTD times! I have a lot of fun in school and it is only a dread when classes are too long... otherwise, it's almost always pretty fun. 

Although sometimes I refer to school as my 'hellhole', it is mostly cos I procrastinate and don't know my priorities. I wouldn't say I am super 'good' in fashion studies cos honestly I'm not the super ILOVEIT type... like I don't go research trends or anything (unless I have to!) - I simply like the way we are taught and tested. In that way I guess you could say I love to dress up more than I LOVE FASHION. If you know what I mean and if that makes sense.... but it is not to say I don't love the things we learn in school, cos I do, it has helped me to see things in a bigger way. Every design, every thing, has a meaning. 
Anyway my taste in fashion is very different from my cooler classmates who like more edgy designer style and they can spot which designer is behind any outfit or runway picture... I am always in my own bubble and always so clueless. I change my style everyday and sometimes they laugh at my super act korean style HAHHHAHAHA but it's all love, we tease each other all the time, no hidden meanings or hurt intended.

People also ask how I juggle everything cos there's so much work in art school since we don't have exams and thus have a bigger workload to make up for it : It was a struggle to juggle everything before for sure... I actually almost failed one of my semesters. It was a huge wake up call and I knew then to always put school first, I'm young, and education is of utmost importance. 
Am definitely getting a lot better at juggling my different jobs now though : daughter, friend, student, blogger, girlfriend, sister and professional maid for Chloe... HAHAHA. 
*I sleep more even when there's submissions now too!* 
I definitely don't regret my decision despite how tired I get and how stressful it can get. Never in my life had I liked a school as much as now, or had the chance to express myself and learn at the same time - I've also met many different people and feel blessed we have the fate to become friends :)

My advice for all the girls/people who emailed me and were hesitant to make this decision is to decide whether you can deal with crazy workloads and remember arts school is more expensive - it is always a choice so you gotta make sure you can commit yourself to that choice for those few years. Materials are expensive and you're gonna be so tired and have so many things to carry you'll wanna cab to school all the time. The lecturers don't chase you for your work, EVER. You have to be independent and actually want to learn. 
As for how to sign up.. you're on your own! Because I'm old already and don't know the new system. Also remember it's a choice and you gotta always be proactive!!

Hope this post helps!


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  2. Thank you so much Rachel! You've always been a big inspiration to me as I always loved fashion and you are one blogger that is living the life I hope to have after I get my o level results next year! I'm really very grateful to you for sharing your experience in Laselle because I felt so lost before this blog ppst came along. I felt that no one understood why I want to study fashion so badly. Thanks to you, I've found my motivation to do what I really want most! :)

    Thank you for inspiring me and many others(I believe)! ^^

    1. thank YOU for reading my blog :)) and yes definitely you shd choose what makes u happy! that is what's most important. wish u happiness n good luck!

  3. Are you going to get a fashion degree in lasalle too? :)

  4. May i know where is this from

    1. will be blogging bout it soon!


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