November 12, 2013

I'm so upset just thinking about what happened today.
This is a ranting post so if you don't like to listen to people either whine or rant please scroll down or exit! 

I was having such an awesome day today - good eyebrow day, school presentation went well, had fun with my friends... and then on the way to MBS, I just had the bad luck to get a really mean taxi driver.
Trust me when I say I've met almost every kinda taxi driver. I cab almost everyday cos I am really lazy to walk (not being a princess, just being a sloth) and often I like to wear painful shoes or carry heavy things and my small body can't carry much. 
I've had experiences with the taxi drivers who talk a lot, about the government, about bad business... taxi drivers who are very nice, drive really quickly and don't mind to forget the extra 20 or 40 cents fare when I don't have coins... taxi drivers who can be a little cheeky and talk and ask a lot about me.... and on a few occasions I've had them even offer to drive me where I wanna go without paying! I remember one who sent me home from Zouk and because I had cried when I just got on the cab, he talked to me and told me jokes and told me it was his 'honour' to send a 'pretty girl' like me home and all that matters is I got home safe. He said I reminded him of his daughter and didn't have any ill intentions.

Just my luck today to meet a taxi driver who was so horrible!!!!
Just thinking about it makes me fuming mad!
I had told him specifically to go by ECP, and to exit the first exit. 
He didn't, and went a REALLY big round, all the way to the Marina South area. When asked why, he told me he was 'trying to avoid the jams' for me cos he assumed I didn't know that there would be a jam. A FAVOUR, FOR ME?!!?!? There wasn't even a jam coming from the east side, and as a cab driver, you are supposed to go by the route your customer asks you to go by. I kept quiet but he continued shouting saying I don't know the route. I was definitely very angry by then so I told him I would let his company know about this issue. 
He continued shouting, arguing, and when I got off the cab, he got off and continued to shout at me and told everyone who was standing there that I 'don't know anything but still want to act like I'm smart" and I am an 'unreasonable person' in Mandarin. So many people were looking, and it would hold up the queue, so I chose to walk off. 
Let me stress that I paid him the fare and simply told him not to do this to others again but he was angry because he claims he was avoiding the jam for me and I told him that it was wrong and not to do it to other people. 

I'm not a stingy person and those few dollars aren't what I am unhappy about - it was the way that he did his job and how he treated me was terribly bad.
A grown man, an uncle, shouting at me.... I am so small in real life, ok?! My family/friends were so angry upon hearing my story... they said thank God he didn't follow me in or physically harm me but I think whatever happened already was bad enough.
The office was closed but I will be calling tomorrow to lodge a complain. Something I wish I didn't have to do but feel like I really should because if he can do this to me, I'm sure he could do it to a lot of other people.



  1. Hehe God bless you

  2. You shed call and let the company knows . I met such drivers before and when I called to complain, the operator told me he had many complaints. Wondering if its the same uncle. I don't have his car plate number already. Hope all's well for u!

    1. they dont even pick up!!! i had to call LTA. i'm fine, thank u :D

  3. If u really wish to complain a taxi driver, u should lodge a complain to the company instead of complaining here. It's nice that u are trying to warn others abt this particular driver but it seems alil childish to just complain & even put the carplate here. I am sure u also wouldnt want anyone to complain u by writing ur name big in their blog or any social media site, Right? So perhaps sometimes, we should really think abt our actions first before acting :)

    1. if comfort actually got back to me or picked up my call that wld be awesome but they didn't - i was put on hold for an hour. i called LTA and lodged my complaint, and as i have mentioned at the start of my post, it was gna be rant, and if you don't wanna read one, don't! this is my space after all.

  4. You used to really be my idol because I love your style and your attitude towards life. But this post as well as your reply towards that girl above who had kind intentions really got me taken aback and I guess I could say I was disappointed? But doesn't really matter anyway I'm too insignificant to you

    1. 'insignificance' is not the right word to use, at all. i stressed many times before and i'll stress it again that i am always thankful for every one of my readers - having said that, i don't unds how my actions have disappointed you, i was definitely not wrong in the situation with the cab driver and sharing it here was nothing less than a rant/a warning. the company put me on hold for an hour and did not get back to me despite repeated emails/calls. also, the above person was definitely not being kind, a smiley face at the end is sarcasm and not kindness. does anyone really understand how disrespected and dangerous i was to be in a situation like that except for me?

  5. I have met equally rude drivers and had no choice but to alight exasperatedly. Don't understand how people may feel that this post is offensive when this is just your point of view. Why should our opinions be restrained when we are after all, unhappy with the service we still had to pay for? Compassion is one thing, Quality is another.

  6. you shouldn't have paid !
    it happened to me once and i nicely asked him to stop the car, walked out and cross to the other side and took another cab while he was screaming at me.

    I asked him to turn and even said the name of the road but he just drove straight which meant going alllllll the way to the end for a u-turn claiming he didnt hear me!

  7. what's with the people criticising you for blogging on an unfortunate event you encountered. bloggers are real people and the world ain't a fluffy mashmallow place!

    I don't think you're wrong to blog about him, you didn't even post a picture of him like others do on places like STOMP!

    I once had a taxi driver who insisted I should be the one giving him directions, hello, I'm not a Google Map.. and he was so freaking rude when he SCOLED ME saying he had asked me the direction and I didn't give... I remember leaving a feedback on Comfort's website , bad taxi drivers have to be reported!


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