November 25, 2013

I am SUCH a super big fan of this webstore, and thus I am just super excited to share about them with you! This post could probably wait, the webstore owners didn't tell me to post it up so soon, but I simply feel it CAN'T WAIT SO HERE IT IS!

Got loadssss of compliments from people after posting pictures of myself in this necklace....

It's from none other than MissGritty!
"Miss Gritty is an online accessories store that provides affordable range of statement pieces.
We believe strongly in the quality of products, hence all accessories from Miss Gritty have gone through quality check."

I wore it 3 times already when I just received it a few days ago - shows how much I love it.

Also, their previous advertorial with me on instagram was for this becautiful pair of Caroline earrings that I am happy to hear is on backorder now!

It is SUCH a beautiful pair of earrings.

And also this amazing crystal bracelet!

Thank you for dressing me in beautiful accessories, Miss Gritty. Even if y'all don't wanna sponsor me anymore I'm gonna keep shopping with you!

Don't miss out and visit TODAY!!!

For a discount :



  1. Rachel, I'm not sure if anyone else experiences this. But my safari (on iPhone) ALWAYS crashes when I enter your site (after scrolling once or twice). Pretty sure it's not my phone's problem because it's only your blog that makes it crash :< I think there's too many pics/GIFs on the main page ><

  2. where you get your heels from? and how much isit? (:
    on Nov 23th post.

  3. lovely necklaces! btw rachel, can u pls share on a blog post on what eyelid tapes u use? thankyou!


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