November 18, 2013

Headed out to a new place on Saturday for 12am dinner! 
One of the latest dinners of my entire life....

This korean restaurant we chanced across is cheaper than my usual fav Manbok but it's also pretty damn yummy.
The meat is, however, fresher at Manbok.
I forgot to get the name of this shop tho, but it's along the same road as all the other korean restaurants along Tanjor Pagar.

Hay who dat monkey at da back?

We ordered extra kimchi like 8 times in total. HAHAHAA.

My plate :D

Also something else that is new... my newfound love, Mochi Sweets.
Thank you so much Ekachai for getting em!!!!!!!!

30th month with this monkey.

I'm going to be free in 3 days.



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  1. May I ask how much you paid per pax for the korean bbq? :)


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