Rara turns 21

November 2, 2013

Been a damn crazy week, and when it was finally Friday I was soooo happy despite feeling like my body was breaking down on me when I woke up.... Such a crazy week in school, really.

So back to the day's events.
School as per usual and a lil trip to BLOGSHOPPING's new outlet at Bugis (more on this in the next post) then it was time to finally see my girlfriends whom I haven't seen in ages and ages for Clara's big 21st birthday party!

The 4 of us, all grown up (ish) now. We used to have so much more energy. Nowadays we are simply sloths outside of work/school.

The birthday girl and I, we basically grew up together, doing the crazy kiddy shit together, bad relationships and whatnot.... and she was the very first friend I showed CY's picture to. We literally go way back! 6 years :'*)

Happy birthday beautiful! I hope you like our gift and I am looking forward to spending many more birthdays with you as well. Love you always.

Dear CY accompanied me throughout the night, bore with all the girl talk and reminiscing whatnot. Best. Overly attached me in these pics cos I only get to see him over the weekends so weekends are beyond precious.

And one of the rare times CY takes out his phone to initiate photo time... hehe.

Saturday tonight and I can't wait to see our plans! Other than homework.

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