December 11, 2013

Today I'm gonna be blogging about something very different - so excited just to be typing this cos this is a webstore I wish I had known about ages ago! They have all the perfect gifts for almost everyone I know *.*

Why the name BELLA & QUIRKS?

"Bella noun \'belĒ\ italian : beautiful.
Quirks noun \kwurk\ : unusual feature.

Two seemingly distinctive qualities on their extreme ends, yet often equally sought after by many. Everyone wants to be beautiful in their own unique way in terms of their appearances or lifestyles. But we say... why not have the best of both worlds?

At Bella & Quirks, you will have a wide array of items to choose from, ranging from cosmetics to novelty lifestyle products - anything to make you feel extraordinary. Our team of passionate shoppers have sourced products all around the globe - many of which are not commonly sold in Singapore stores - to bring you the most competitive prices in town.

Long story cut short, enjoy shopping with us!"

NOW! To share about my two picks from each section of the webstore....
From BELLA :

They are all so incredibly soft and although I've only tried 2 of the brushes (concealer and duo-fibre brush), they are so amazing to use. The importance of makeup brushes should not be ignored! I used to use my hands to apply makeup and the finishing is simply different from when professional makeup brushes are used. I love these.

And what I chose from 'QUIRKS'....
Paper Airplane doorstop! SO cute!!!

Had some fun camwhoring with it - been so long since I last played with actual paper planes, actually! 

But of course this is where it belongs! Under the door. Love how it is so super functional and yet very cute.

Here's an idea of what other BELLA products are available!

And QUIRKS carries Fred & Friends! Everything is so fun and make such lovely presents....

"Quote "RachelW5" for 5% off total bill for your readers. Valid for only the first 30 transactions"

Perfect for your X'mas shopping now, isn't it?

Instagram: @bellaquirks

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