December 12, 2013

Back with my second advertorial for MISS GRITTY, my official FAVOURITE accessory store.
I was so excited to receive news that they wanted to work with me again 

HERE : http://www.rchlwngx.com/2013/11/missgritty.html is my previous entry on them, and this round with 4 pieces of my choice!
Thank you Miss Gritty for having such a good eye for jewelry and being so generous, everything is so affordable and beautiful!

My picks this time!

These beautiful vintage hollywood inspired bracelets are so pretty, I could wear em everyday. You may think it's a bit 'over' but when you start wearing costume jewelry like I have, they are really easy to mix and match and I feel like it's not that dramatic afterall!

This beautiful Ophelia necklace would look so lovely on a shirtblouse as well. Something to try!

Fell in love with this shade of green on the Phidalie earrings *.*
Couldn't wait to wear these babies out!

Shop with them ASAP so you can have your jewelry with you ASAP, hopefully before X'mas when it's time to dress up and party! 



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  1. hi rachel! did you go for plastic surgery?


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