December 17, 2013

So yesterday I posted this picture on INSTAGRAM saying I would be blogging about this cute as hell top so here I am to share about where you can get it from! I captioned it 'Hey Mickey' cos it's Minnie on my top. Hehehe.
It's so adorable!!!

It's from none other than OOTD.SG xx

I also kept these two basic cropped tops in black and white, something I have been doing so often recently. EVERYTHING IN BLACK AND WHITE!

Wore the white top out yesterday for x'mas shoppin'! And on me is also a necklace from them which is stainless steel, nickel and lead free :)

Don't forget to join their mailing list and their special offer of $5 voucher with every two items purchased!

All accessories come with a nice pouch as well!

Don't forget the backorders that are arriving this week!!!


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