Daily Makeup Tutorial!

December 13, 2013

Finally here to share my most updated daily makeup routine!

SO SORRY I TOOK SO LONG, my iMovie and school and just.. life.... 

Anyway what matters is that I AM FINALLY POSTING IT UP NOW PICTORIAL STYLE!!!!!!
Took quite a bit of effort and time as well so I REALLY hope this helps.

My makeup routine has definitely changed since my last video tutorial (2011), as I prefer more natural looking makeup now. I don't wanna cake my face too much like I used to, with black eyeliner, mascara AND false lashes.
This is not to say my makeup now is very light now cos it's not, I still do a lot of steps to make sure I look more healthy and 'alive' cos I look pretty dead without makeup. Like a zombie. Especially when I don't sleep enough, it really shows on my face. 
Only some days I wake up with really amazing skin, I have no idea why. HAHAH. 
The only makeup I play with to change the look the most would be lipstick, from bright pink, to red, to dark red to baby pink... lip colour makes a hell lot of difference. For this makeup tutorial I am posting my DAILY routine, to school/for dinner with friends etc.

This is how it looks like :

So here we go!!!!
**I am not a professional so please don't expect that kinda standard, and neither do I think my makeup is nice cos it is actually super basic, and I never really learnt from any makeup tutorials. I just kinda cultivated my own routine over time, and tried many different products. Maybe I might find better alternatives to what I'm posting here but at the time of this post, these are the best I've tried so far. This post is actually for all the many many requests I've gotten! Hope you girls enjoy it! And guys too. If any. Hahahaha ;)**

Naked face. Tried to pose in the most similar way so you can compare the makeup difference.
(Late nights, late nights, sleepless nights. The reason for my dark circles that have already been saved by DRx but are still there cos of my hectic lifestyle. Hopefully after I graduate it will get better. Until then, there's MAKEUP!!!)

Let's begin with a good foundation to work on :

SUNBLOCK IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE. I've switched to DRx's tinted sunblock and it is THE best!!!!! It is my sunblock, makeup base AND foundation. 

Simply dot 5 dots on the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. Blend with fingers.

Concealing my dark circles is super important too so I look less tired! Applied with Sigma makeup brush.

The sunblock's finish is pretty shiny and oily looking so it is important to cover that up with loose powder. Chanel's works perfectly for me. Do spread a generous amount to cover the shinyness!

It is important to highlight your best facial features! I do so with 3CE's Highlight Beam that W (owner of YHF) got for me on her holiday to Korea! She's such a sweetheart.

I have listed the areas to apply this at!

You have got to shape the eyebrows cos they make such a huge difference! Brush them first so it is easier to draw your eyebrows later.
Etude House's eyebrow brush and 3CE eyebrow pencil.

NOW. I have received a hell lot of bad feedback on my eyebrows (LOL) cos I like em super thick HAHHAHA. STILL people ask me to teach em how to draw them my way so.... here you go. I do draw them thinner now although I wanna draw em thick but anyway the shape is still the same!
I have drawn the shape on the left hand side of the picture!

CONTOUR THE NOSE!!!! The nose is a super important part of your face, ok?!!?
I use KATE's eyebrow kit to do so with my 4th finger. Not the most professional, but it works...

Majolica Majorca's eyeshadow palette was a gift from one of the webstore owners and I've been using it everyday cos the colour is lovely. Below is the brown quick eyeliner by KATE.

Apply brown eyeshadow to the eyelids, below the crease of your double eyelid. I was blessed with double eyelids and so I have never known how to apply eyeshadow on single eyelids. So sorry I can't help with this! 

Draw the eyeliner in the shape I have drawn on the right! Downwards cos I don't like the the flick up eyeliner on myself anymore!

3CE Powdery Lip and Cheek is AWESOME cos I use it for both cheeks and lips, it is so convenient and easy to blend.

Apply em on the lips....

And the apples of your cheeks! Blend with fingers!


Here is a before and after :

I take about 15-20 minutes to apply my makeup everyday including my DRx skincare regime which is about 5-7mins of the total time as every product must be left to sink in before applying the next. Hehe. Also, the next post will be on DRx! So stay tuned to find out how I take care of my skin.

I really hope y'all enjoyed this post, haven't spent so much time on a post before 

Leave me comments/tweet me/instacomment me on what you like and don't like about this tutorial okay?! I'll try to improve when I have time, probably after I graduate!!!!
(May next year)

Till the next post xx


  1. Hi girl, thanks for this blog post! :)
    Would like to know if u only contour at the sides of ur nose? what abt straight down ur nose? do u not curl ur lashes and apply mascara or use falsies? thanks! :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hi Rachel, what tone are you using for NYX concealer?

  4. A big salute to you Rachel for having the courage and confidence to smile with your naked face and post ! Show no sign on embarrassment or whatever. Make up should not be used to cover up our flaws (as most girls mistakenly start learning the wrong way at the wrong age) but rather to complement and bring out our beauty.

    I really hope you continue to share good beauty/make up tips for younger girls who see you as a role model :) I like how you seek perfection in beauty but do not harp and bemoan your flaws. That itself is a beauty in your character. Keep up the good job Rachel !


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