FLEA!!! Swap and Shop

December 9, 2013

On da way to the flea early in the morning at 11am!
I slept like 5 hours so I was very tired. But excited to see everyone and sell ma overwhelming stash of stuff!

Cupcakes I brought from MySisterBakes to share - thank you so much for these beautiful babies! Everyone told me they were SO cute and looked so yummy! 
Also, giraffe earring from a sweet girl whom I guess is my reader cos she knew I love giraffes!!!
Sorry I didn't catch your name, and if you're reading this, thank you so much! I REALLY LOVE IT!!!!

Egg tarts from Cleo and MQ of ShopOOTD, thank you so much for always being so thoughtful!
And 3CE makeup products from darling Winnie who is LAOBANNIANG of YOUNGHUNGRYFREE. She knows me so well, sometimes I don't pick my advert pieces, she simply sends them over cos she knows I will like them. 
I love these people so much. So so thankful.

Thankful for all the loveeeee!!!

Frowning all the time cos the sun was bright and I am simply not used to the sun. VAMPIRE RCHLWNGX.

Glad to see faces I haven't seen for awhile!
Thank you Tyler for the facial masks!!!!!

And with some lovely readers who came up for a picture! Hehe thank you so much for saying hello!!!! 

Thank you all so much for coming down to buy from me/gift me gifts/say hi! I really appreciate every single one of you :'D Always feel so blessed after flea markets like these. 
I managed to sell quite a load of my stuff and brought home some pieces I thought wasn't suitable for charity - gave a bagful of more functional basic wear to charity instead!
Also, sorry if I missed out any pics or looked tired/unfriendly at any point of time cos I was truly DAMN tired with very little sleep. And also pretty hungry.
So cute that some of you said sorry y'all couldn't find anything to buy especially towards the end of the day - most good stuff were sold already! I'll be having another booth at an upcoming flea but more details on that later!!! Hope to see y'all again! ;)

Headed to Tiong Bahru after to meet Meowvin!
And my OOTD for the day : super simple and comfy.

We settled at a random empty restaurant because... we were hungry and the previous place we wanted to eat at was super crowded. We stumbled upon this place and I'm not gonna share the address cos the food is really nothing to recommend. It wasn't bad tasting but it wasn't good either. Just edible!

Bot that cute boy a bracelet from Prada cos I thought it really suited him as a belated bday gift - passed it to him the previous day and this demanding idiot brought it with him again to let me write on the gift card cos I didn't write on it first. HAHAHA. He said 'Oi, never write on the card... Tomorrow I bring it for you with a pen then you write and give it to me again ok? AND OH YA, no more expensive gifts hor.' 

Another boy who has helped me with like almost every flea market I've attended. Glad Shanice's boyfriend and friend were there to make friends with him so he wouldn't be too bored!

Food pictures. Pictures ARE deceiving!!!!!!

This salted fish fried rice wasn't too bad. I love any salty food. My tastebuds find it hard to find any food salty, so if I say something is salty, IT IS SALTY.

Oh and yeah I fell down at the flea - within the first few moments of walking in.
The bruises today are SO bad. It makes me so sad. But oh well.  I've always been clumsy as hell.

P.S. And yes, I've been getting a few tweets that the StyleXStyle video Eunice and I were in was on TV and all. We both actually didn't know it would be on TV! And some comments from people were bad saying we sound unnatural and weird - it is true, we were naturally nervous and also the lines were given to us just minutes before every take so it's not that easy okay! Eunice is definitely much more natural and looks much better - she's had experience >< Give me time to learn!
And regarding my own voice, it is REALLY naturally high. I'm not acting, and it isn't cute. That's just the way it is. 
P.P.S. Have decided to stop working on my previous makeup tutorial video and do a pictorial makeup tutorial instead. This way you guys won't have to bear with my annoyingly but naturally high voice (HAHAHAHA) and also it will be faster to upload because my iMovie has been crashing on my repeatedly, and if I upload the video directly, it will simply be way too long.

Have a great week ahead, guys!
And thank you for still reading my blog. I am always appreciative!


  1. Namo Amitabha, I hope you feel better. I fell because you show the flesh of your thighs too much -_- Cover them up as much as you can. I can't believe you so tall. How tall are you Rachel? You don't have to answer me if you don't want to.

  2. Hi Rachel! Love your blog and style :D would like to know where do you get your brows done cause it looks really good on you!

  3. Dont go for anymore aesthetic & enhancement or fillers lah. Honestly, not trying to offend you but out of goodwill, all these are making your real innocent look becoming very weird. & even the readers are prettier than u~ even without anything done on face. Dont be afraid cuz being natural is afterall, the prettiest!! All The Best!


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