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December 1, 2013

Ok, I am finally here to blog about my KL trip last weekend and something else even more exciting!

Started with a nice chinese noodle breakfast before flying off ~~~ 
I would have preferred dimsum but apparently the Crystal Jade at T2 that day didn't have anything but fried dimsum... and I wanted my steamed char shao baos and siew mais :(

So thankful Jo came along with me! 

OTW to Madarin Oriental which is where I stayed - great hotel. A bit old fashioned but really comfy and the customer service there is damn awesome.

How important are bathrooms for girls?! That's the first place of the room I check out no matter which country or which hotel I'm at.

The great thing about the hotel is that KLCC, KL's most famous mall (I think so) is RIGHT NEXT TO IT!!!!! So convenient. We headed there for shopping/dinner. Didn't know what was good so we went to this little cafe to have old school Malaysian food.

The point of this pic is.... my nails! I am still so in love with em! 

The food has its own taste, something I never tasted before. Like I guess it's the spices they put in. I love Nasi Lemak rice. Coconut rice. So sinfully yummy!

After dinner it was back to the hotel to get ready to dress up and head to KL's Zouk....
you must be wondering why would I head to a club on a Sunday, right?

And why there is such a big crowd outside on a Sunday as well?


Who else is a fan here? :D

He performed a few songs and I have a instavideo of him dancing!!!!
So charming, multi-talented and I don't usually like guys will tattoos but his tattoos really just look so good on him... I confess to fangirling when I finally saw him in real life.

Ok pics of his fangirls now :

The reason for this appareance, is for... as you should probably be able to guess by now - the E! NEWS ASIA SPECIAL. I am so thankful to be given the opportunity to meet him in person, VIP style. 

Just a random pic of some calamari rings that tasted like fishcake.

And my OOTD. I really love that necklace so much it is ridiculous.

Next morning 10am we set our alarms for the press conference! A chance to talk to him!!!! *fangirling*

And the moment we got to take a pic with him.... Aiyoooo. He's really nice and accommadating.

More pics for you girls to drool at... Hehehee.

I believe these signed posters were gonna be given out on 987FM! Hope y'all didn't miss it!!!! Wish I could have kept one as well ><

And on to lunch/breakfast. Chinoz at KLCC.

The food was honestly not bad, and the pasta I had was so super fat. Hahahah. It reminded me of mee hoon kueh! The meatballs VERY tasty and yummy!

And all ready to head back home to SG after a night!

Dee was with us on the trip as well as his camera man. Nice to made new friends.

And horrible me likes to try McDonalds in every country I visit. They have fried chicken in KL's!!!!!
Ayam Goreng. Pretty damn yummy cos it's spicy.

Oh and Onion Rings! They have it there too unlike Macs here.

Last picture of this post!!!!

Thank you so much E! for sending us there for this awesome experience :'D

And of course, don't miss out on the main star of the blogpost :
 E! News Asia Special on Jay Park will premiere on December 3, Tuesday at 820pm only on E! Entertainment (Starhub TV Ch 441)

I will most definitely be camping to watch out for it because I wanna get to know Jay Park better! And this show lets you do so - behind the scenes and back to his childhood/setbacks. 
Don't miss it!!!!

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