Ma Maison Tonkatsu // CMPB

December 27, 2013

Was doing some shoppin' in town and ended up back at Mandarin Gallery's Ma Maison for dinner because it's yummy and the queue isn't crazy long as compared to Ippudo.....!

Mandatory selfie while waiting for food.....

This time, I got the chance to try some Black Pork and it was DAMNNN GUUUUUD. So friggin fatty and yummy!!!!!!!

Boring me ordered the same Ebi set, though. Next time imma order the Black Pork one! It's soooo good!!!!!!! I love the brown rice as well *.*


CMPB after that at Dempsey for some tea and fruit juice ~~~

Can I just recommend this White Moscato tea which is SOOOOO good. I loved it so much Jaz ended up letting me drink it and drank my fruit juice instead! It is a MUSTTTTT to order this when you go there!!!!

And ummmm a sneaky candid-ish shot of me looking happy. If I remember correctly, I was looking at something funny on Tumblr!

Just a few more days to the new year. A new start.
Only way to go now is forward. 


  1. you cheated on ChoonYan?!!?!!? I can never look at you the same way again... -.-

  2. Others can say whatever they want, criticise you, put you down, whatever. At the end of the day it's your own life, they are not walking in your shoes, period. Love is blind, love is selfish, love is a risk. The most important thing is it takes 2 to clap and you made the leap and you know of the consequences. A relationship is a work in progress between 2 souls in love, people can say whatever they want, it's just white noises. Whether it's worth it in the end and whether it worked out or not I still wish you all the best.


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