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December 15, 2013

It has been SUCH a long time since I last headed out with my dearest mommy. I spend much more time with my dad somehow so I really cherished the time I got with her on this random Tuesday! She was my princess so all expenses for the day was on meeeee ^.^
Do we look alike? Sorta??
Her eyes are AMAZINGLY huge. Really. No contacts!!!! I'm the fake big eye one. Hahahah.

She is also one of my OOTD photographers btw! She's not as good as say... CY or my classmates but she's pretty good for an 'aunty' hehe....

Simple OOTD!

Laudaree while shopping. Every time I walk past Laduree I make it a point to buy at least 2 macarons. Cos I love em and YOLO!!!!!

Bought gifts and then went to PAUL for cakes and coffee! 

My dad had worked overnight the previous day so I called and texted him thru the day to make sure he was okay. He drives around alot and having him so tired made me so worried and my heart was aching so bad!!! My family. We have been thru so much, nobody can ever know. I'm glad we together and are close as we are today. I'm always so thankful for my parents, really. Everything I ever wanted they had tried their utmost to give to me. Although I do give them money and haven't taken any now, I still feel incapable as I see them still working so incredibly hard everyday. And that is why I am gonna work sososososossosososo hard, so they can both retire ASAP! 

My beautiful Mama Wong ~~

And uhmmm me hahahah.

The cakes and coffee were GOOD! And the place is just cosy and nice. Not my first time here but first time blogging about it ~~~

A crooked angled picture but I still like it. Hahaha.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of the year. You may say I'm buying into the stupid hyped up hoohah people create of Christmas but I truly love everything about it -  the cold weather in December, the cosiness and warmth from being with the people you love, friends and family... the gifts you can buy to put a smile on those faces. I do wish Christmas would happen more than once a year!


On a random note...
New on my keys.

And a beautiful quote from one of my fav authors that really touched me this week because of what has been happening around me.

I do wish that things could always happen the way you feel they should, but sometimes it is not the case. A dream is a dream no matter how small or big. And I'm praying mine will come true, even if not now, in the future. Always been a believer of fate. 

Have a great weekend ahead, everyone xx

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