Saturday's Charm

December 5, 2013

Canele for desserts/tea on that rainy evening....

It's such a typical thing for girls to love, but I seriously LOVE macarons. Like I really love it so freaking much altho I know it is high calorie and high sugar content.

Lemon tarte

My cute date *.*

And ummm me hahaha.

OOTD : Top from H&M, skirt in upcoming blogpost!

 Chikuwa Tei for dinner!

And Holland V for drinks after. I would've preferred the place with the live band but since you can't really chit chat when there's loud music, we opted for Indochine..

And Zouk.


Life hasn't been all that pretty for me of late... but I've always believed in fate, and trusting that fate has the best plans for us, no matter how hard the lessons may be, or how difficult getting there in the end may be. Often we forget to cherish the people closest to us, taking it for granted that they'll always be there for us simply because they have always been. Change is known to be a constant but not everyone can accept it for what it really is.

The thing about life ; good times don't last. But bad times don't either.

"Have a little faith...." 

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