Thursdate at PS Cafe

December 6, 2013

Started the day late yesterday - dinner plans with Chev whom I haven't been able to catch up with for awhile!
OOTD : Top by Anticlockwise / Earrings by MissGritty / Skorts by WEARERUBBISH

We took pics inside the Xmas tree at Ion. 
It was, as you can see, very fail.
HAHAHAHA. The lights were simply too strong!!!

Outfit photo try #1 fail #1.

Over to one of my fav places in town for dinner! 
PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance!!!!
I simply loveeee the ambience here.

Wheeeee, my date!

Friggin love chinese tea - this is Pu Er and Chrysanthemum.

The food portions are damn huge - we should have definitely ordered to share 

Truffle fries, my latest 'craze'

Was a good night just talking about anything and everything xx

See you again next week Chevy!!!

And it's Friday today, where is everyone going and what is everyone doing?
Can't believe I have zero plans!
But I probably should stay home and pack for the flea tomorrow. 

I'll see you there!

P.S. My friend J is selling her A Wang Rocco bag!
Condition is super good, $1.3k, nego - do contact her at 92976279.

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  1. hello(: may i know where to buy that off shoulder top?


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