L'Oreal Cosmetic's !New! Butterfly Mascara&Gelmatic Pen Liner

January 13, 2014

Just the other day I was lucky enough to try out L'Oreal's new Gelmatic Pen Liners and I was SOOO in love at first 'draw' (?!) cos it was so super smooth and the colours were so rich despite not being too 'heavy' on the eyes.

I was going out for just a normal outing so I wore my usual colour, brown! And at the outer bottom corners of my eyes I tried the gold one. It's not that obvious in the pictures but in real life it adds a very nice, subtle shimmer. It makes the eyes look a lil more awake!
As usual, I draw my liner downwards towards the end of my eyes.

Also gave my eyelashes a treat by prepping em up with L'Oreal's (also new) Butterfly Mascara. I usually don't wear mascara so seeing the difference to me was quite big! Felt that it 'woke' my eyes up and although it gave me length more than volume in my opinion, it depends on what your lashes need. Most importantly, it was SUPER long lasting. After an entire night out, it didn't run at all!

I love ALL the colours! Especially brown cos it's my daily choice now! (Yes, I'm a convert, I've switched from KATE to this now!)

Hearts for all the colours!

And the Butterfly Mascara looks like this!

Also tried out using the silver and blue liners for a different look, suitable for a party night out!
Simply line the bottom of the eyes with a brighter colour like what I did to add a pop of colour ~~Easy peasy.

L'Oreal is also doing a giveaway and it's super attractive so you really shouldn't miss out! You stand to win :
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I'm thinking any girl would be a convert after trying out their Gelmatic Pen Liner, it is seriously the best I've ever tried!

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