Move Along

January 3, 2014


Bless you this shiny fresh year. It is untouched, uncrushed. Not bruised or used. It’s a blanket of just fallen snow, not yet walked upon. There’s a beauty in moving forward - knowing what to leave behind and what to take with you. Who ever we are and how ever we went about it, we have either jumped, run, stumbled, tiptoed or slid into a blank canvas. Here we are. The question now is what are we going to create on it? That, my Dears, is entirely up to you, for it is your blank page and its is your pen.
- Natasha Beddingfield

Counting down with the ones who matter in my favourite part of little Singapore...

Marutama Ramen @ The Central 

Happy to see my dear Mel happy, and so loved. Didn't mind being the lightbulb at all.

Quality time with the ones who know the truth, and who stuck by.
Thankful, and still very blessed.


OOTD was floral skorts c/d SHOPOOTD and black knitted cardi from WEARERUBBISH a long time ago, necklace by THESCARLETROOM....
and this cute cropped Wenn topshop inspired top c/o AA-LINE!

Their latest collection has lotsa basics you don't wanna miss out on!

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Took this part off Chev's post. She's known the true story since day 1, and listed the facts as they are.

"Due to a recent online drama, I've had some readers commenting on my ask.FM things like, "why are you still friends with R? Why do you still support her?" etc - let me clarify matters. 

I'm not one to intrude in such trivial affairs but as a blogger and close friend with many parties involved, I feel compelled to say something. I may not have as many readers as the others, but if some of you can create a healthier environment, I'd be willing to do it.

Being a friend does not equate to me supporting everything she has done. I've always told her off in regards to her wrongdoings and I've warned her before anyone knew. However, don't be too quick to label someone just because they sin differently than you do.

By the way, she didn't cheat, because the event happened after she broke up. D is not her friend's boyfriend although they had something going on. And she didn't sleep with D.

I am not standing up for anyone, I am simply stating facts. 

It was wrong of her to act on impulse, but labelling her so harshly does not do any good. It's the same concept of trying to make the world a better place by dumping borderline criminals with other criminals in a prison in hopes they'll miraculously get better while being ostracized. Who is there to give hope? Even Satan - who would pray for the one sinner who needed it the most?

If you want to comment, make it a constructive one at least. Give those involved a break. It might be fun dishing drama at first, but know where to draw the line.

If you want to fight for something, fight for a better cause, like animal cruelty? terrorism?"


  1. I like Chev! She's a keeper. Cherish her. Have a good 2014, a new start.

  2. Believe and you shall receive. Trust and God will not let one foot of yours to strike upon hard rock

  3. "D is not her friend's boyfriend although they had something going on." isn't that weird? although you know her friend like D but you choose to be with D too. It is the same as betraying her. the impact is still the same.

    Overall, I think we should blame D more than R. Since he is the one who give so much hope to someone and inturn betraying her. Beware of D, R, who knows u would be another A.

  4. Hello Rachel,

    i just want to say i admire your courage to move on after all the drama that has happened, because unfortunately the world does not stop for you just because bad things happen. As a person if one makes a mistake, one should sincerely apologize, reflect and not make the same mistake again and move on. On the other hand, the one receiving the apology should accept it with an open heart and move on as well.

    All the best in this new year. :)

  5. LOL you only post up the good/neutral comments, hiding/deleting all the bad ones. Gao lat.

    Even so, you think your ex-readers will be influenced to be loyal to you again after reading all the nice comments? NOPE.

    I was a loyal reader of yours and now I'm a stalker - To see if you will post up my comment to you or not. Apparently not.

    Don't hide behind the excuse of "We're all humans" to justify the mistakes you've done. It's disgusting how can one feel so righteous about this whole incident and it's even more disgusting that all your preachy, self-righteous tweets and your personality CONFLICTS. Go back and read your tweets to refresh the kind of person you THINK you are and act like it.

    If only you were as good as you sound with your words.

  6. Nt ur hater but hates 3rd party! Stay pretty becoz there r plenty of pretty young things out there. U might lost ur rare gems in no time. Jiayou!

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