Nescafe : Traditionally Yours

January 28, 2014

Received a surprise from NESCAFE just the other day....
And I am so in love with the three kinds of coffee in my lil basket!!!

A range of different flavours for everyone in my family!
Original, Brown Sugar and Hazelnut flavours.

My dad loves the Original flavour for its authentic and aromatic taste... while my mom adores the Brown Sugar one cos its lower in calories and there is a caramel-like taste. I personally cannot get enough of the Hazelnut flavour that tastes so much like my fav coffee drink from a famous coffee joint that is wayyyyy more expensive and inconvenient!

What's not to love about instant coffee - it is fast, convenient, and you can literally bring a packet anywhere and everywhere to enjoy. All you need is hot water and nothing else.

They also sent me this cute cup to enjoy my coffee in, I've been having a cup at least twice daily ever since I've gotten the parcel! 

A super happy girl who isn't so sleepy anymore now thanks to Nescafe ~~~~

Oh and I gotta mention, don't forget to check their latest TVC features Qi Yu Wu and his latest female lead, Cheryl Wee!

Check out for the latest updates on when the NESCAFE White Coffee roadshows are and go down to meet them in person and try the range of coffee!!!

Love Nescafe, Moments to Treasure!