Saturday // Shop OOTD

January 19, 2014

Saturday night's impromptu MBS plan for dinner ~~

Cravin' for pizza so we headed to Pizzeria Mozza!

 THIS WAS SO GOOD?!?!!? The bread was super crispy and tasty..

Parma Ham + Rocket. My favourite kinda pizza!

HYC after for tacos/beer/ice cream with T and B ~
The ambience here was awesome. Too bad they close at 1am which is pretty early..

Gotta love the weekends!


Also bloggin' about this super cute outfit from SHOP OOTD!
One of my fav blogshops cos they are super efficient, and put so much effort into picking the stuff they sell at affordable prices.

Love the cutting of these shorts cos they're super fitting and in a lovely shade of denim-ish blue ~~
The tube top is also available in white and I have em both :D

Also kept this pair of high waisted pants in black (also avai in red) that is so flattering! Love it!!!
The white top is from their last collection :D

Shop now now now!!

Website : http://OOTD.SG