With something as fragile as life...

January 30, 2014

It has been some time since I last wrote a heartfelt entry here and I thought I wouldn't for awhile but today I feel compelled to. It has been some time since I've strung my thoughts into words here so... this might not be the best read but it is a necessary entry for sure.

Often we take so much for granted, and forget the things we think we are simply entitled to. I'm no angel but I just want to remind myself, and whoever who is reading this, of just how much we shouldn't.

This morning while scrolling through Facebook, I chanced upon a classmate's blog. I wouldn't say we're real close, but she's always been ridiculously kind and amazing to everyone including myself. Not to mention, she is also super talented and hardworking. The most I've spoken to her about is school work amongst a bit of personal things. I do cry easily so it isn't surprising I did, but I ended up in tears just into the middle of her entry just by the thought of seeing her in class the previous week and knowing how strong she had to be to just be sitting there. I had no idea she was going through that much and I didn't know then so I haven't offered a kind word till today - I've asked her if it's ok to share and she said yes and so here is the link to the entry I'm talking about >> HERE
Do take time to read it.

The exact words she said when I offered her words of support was "It's been a week I'm slowly picking up with my life again.. You too ok I know you've had a tough time not long ago as well and I hope all is getting better Rachel!" - told you she is ridiculously kind and undeserving of something like this happen - I immediately told her that nothing I had to go through was anything compared to whatever she has had to go through and besides that, I had so much support and love through it all.

Hoping that this entry can gather as many prayers for her, J, and their families as possible to be strong during this period of time. Whatever your religion nor lack of, just keeping them in good thoughts and faith would do!

Especially because it is CNY, I'm hoping we can all remember to hold our loved ones that much nearer, and not just sit down together for a reunion dinner for the sake of tradition but to really be thankful for their presence in our lives because we often forget to be.

Happy Chinese New Year to all x

"Life is short: break some rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly and never regret anything that made you smile."