BoxMaster @ FEP

February 14, 2014

Paid BOXMASTER at Far East Plaza a visit just yesterday and it was so much fun!

I'm sure you've seen 'cube' stores around in SG, but this new brightly lit store is a definite must-visit.... Let me show you why!!

They sell SOOO many things, almost everything you can imagine! Many 'ling ling long longs', hehe.

Like these iphone camera clip ons - fisheye/macro etc. I like the fisheye lenses for the wide angle effect!

Or portable chargers?


There were also a collection of INSTAX film for sale including Hello Kitty and Spongebob designs.

They don't just have 'ling longs' but they also have bags of good brands like PRADA as you can see here...

And KATE SPADE as well

And HERSCHEL for the boys!

I was mesmerized by so many things!!! Couldn't stop lookin' in every lil box.

My second fav item in the store is this kinetic sand... omg it's really super cool.

Here's a video of it in action!!!

Other cute stuff that caught my eye *.*


Beauty stuff, even..

Poppin' cookin'!

I found giraffes in store as well !!!!!!!

D arranged em like this. Haha! Super cute.

Like a kid in the candy store, I spent such a long time there checkin' everything out!

This is my favourite item in store, they're all alive!!!! And you don't have to take very good care of it, just gotta water it once in awhile!

My fav pot has a cute lil 财神耶. Hehehe. It's so adorable.

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So so worth it!

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Easy peasy ~~~

Here are the prizes, big and small!

Happy shoppin'!!!