DRx : Anti-Blemish Mask & Nose Fillers

February 26, 2014

Recently, my skin's been getting pretty bad - I think it's due to change in makeup(ran out of BB cream and am still waiting for the new one to arrive!)/lack of sleep... 
So I went back to DRx to ask Dr Yanni to SAVE MY SKIN!!!!
Good skin is so super important so I made an appointment as soon as I knew my skin condition wasn't under control.

Needed my skin to look like this again :

And that was just in December!

Thankfully Dr Yanni prescribed me something new and it's been getting much better but not optimum results just yet - I'll post a pic of my naked face again soon!

This Anti-Blemish mask is a new addition to my regime and it's just what I need. Just twice a week, and it can even 'double' as a pimple cream!!

Also got a top up of the rest of my products, that I loveeeee!!


Headed back on a separate day for nose fillers as well - it's not my first time getting this done so it was basically like a 'top-up'.

If you're wondering what fillers for the nose are... basically it's like a temporary nose job! 
The doctor will just inject the fillers and shape it to the desired shape and it will harden and there you'll have a prettier face with more enhanced features - it typically lasts 6 months but different kinda fillers last a different amount of time on different people. You can get it done almost anywhere.. on your cheeks, eyebags, chin... 

Lots of people have said I've gone thru plastic surgery to look the way I look today but the truth is NOPE, I have not... I do admit that I look very different, though!!! Other than braces which I swear have changed my jawline... I am so blessed to have met good hands that have been able to give me a more defined face with the help of aesthetic enhancements ~~ !!! Blogged about my chin fillers before HERE :::: http://www.rchlwngx.com/2013/10/drx-new-chin.html (also with DRx!)

Why I feel fillers are a great choice :
1. It's not permanent - so if you decide you don't like it a month later.. it's ok, it'll fade away. Unlike a nose job which you'll have to surgically redo again.
2. Almost painless!?!?! REALLY there is hardly discomfort when done professionally.
3. You can go into the clinic looking like you don't have a chin and leave an hour later with a beautiful one - it's SO fast and convenient.

You should probably have seen enough people's journey with plastic surgery online and there is ALWAYS a down time of at least a month with a huge swollen pre-recovery face. And if you scroll far back into my entries you wouldn't be able to find a gap for me at all, just very old pictures of myself! 

FILLERS ARE NOT PLASTIC SURGERY... you can read an article on this here :

I'm not saying one is better than the other or anything like that! It is a personal choice!
Have actually been asked why I don't just get a nose job or a chin implant directly but I think that's not something in the books for me just yet in the near future because...
1) I'm scared of surgery...
2) I don't know a really good doctor who will know exactly what I want and has the same aesthetic eye as me.
3) It just doesn't feel like time yet.

Till then, I have fillers to give me that boost of confidence ~

Here's a step by step example of how my fillers at DRx was done within 1.5 hours!

1. Numb cream for almost an hour...

And I met my friend for the day who was gonna accompany me to get it done!

Last look at my 'before' nose...

And the beautiful and kind Dr Yanni injecting my nose with the fillers and shaping it at the same time...
It looks scary but I SWEAR I DIDN'T FEEL ANYTHING!

About 10 minutes later (or less)... my new nose!

Here is a comparative picture for you to see the difference - 
High nose bridge, straighter down the middle, and a longer nose tip. 
I love the nose tip especially.

Thank you so much, Drx, for yet another wonderful experience!

If you're looking for good hands to sculpt your face via aesthetic enhancements, look no further than DRx... :D
They also have botox(something I wanna try next!) and lotsa other treatments so just go on down for a consultation to get a price and a recommended treatment just for you. My doctor is Dr Yanni!

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