Durex Valentine Vow

February 11, 2014

February is, without a doubt, the month of love - Every 14th Feb, we all celebrate Valentine's day, a special day to show our loved ones how much we really do love em!

Of course it's always nice to have that extra special day with flowers, dinner and a lil present... isn't it?

Personally I'm not TOO big on celebrating Valentine's day cos I always feel like if you really love someone, you will show them every single day in small ways. So something nice and special I feel you can do on Valentine's day is to actually really put your heart into a gift, like perhaps a handmade card or gift, or a full course meal cooked by yourself complete with candles (I'm planning on this!). Something you can't just buy with money.

This time I'm going to be doing something handmade and pretty special! (Blurring it out cos it's a surprise....)

In view of the special Valentine Vow campaign this year, Jinnyboy has collaborated with Durex to make this special video as a reminder to us to celebrate what Valentine's Day is really about. The love!

They are also holding a contest where you can win awesome prizes!


Whisk your lover away to a getaway for 2!

First Prize x 3:
A travel voucher worth SGD800

Second Prize x 4:
A travel voucher worth SGD500

All you gotta do is to log on to Facebook and go to https://www.facebook.com/durexsingapore/app_237223579791614 and make your #valentinevow to do something for your loved one! You stand to win one of the prizes!

I've made mine here!

Love is not all about sex. But if you choose to, do it with prevention and avoid the risks unplanned ‘surprises’
Good luck and keep the love going!