February Lights

February 23, 2014

Finally able to take a breather from the crazy submissions in school for a 'project week' break!
So so happy the sleepless nights and rushing everywhere and everything's all over... for awhile anyway. Till the next set of submissions, my final in Lasalle. Been a crazy 3 years. And I can't wait for what lies ahead.

Going on a (supposedly surprise... but I ruined it as usual) trip tomorrow morning but decided to blog first because I've been away from here for what seems like forever! 
Weekends are the best part of the week although my days have been nothing short of wonderful because there's no school and thus no early mornings!!! Not a morning bird for sure. 

Headed out to meet my dearest Yeo for dinner. It was supposed to be a double date but ended up being a 3 way one like it was the last time, except with different partners! 


YAY ~ can't wait for you to be done with army!

We were at Akashi for dinner but sadly it was just edible, nothing I'd go back for. Do not recommend this!

We all ordered sets, but everything wasn't anything amazing. I liked mine best cos of the runny egg.

PAUL at Taka after for desserts!

Everything we ordered was good! A little too sweet but desserts are supposed to be sweet anyway aren't they...

#OOTD shots before heading home..

Feeling so excited for the trip although it's just a short one, and my birthday next weekend!

Have a great week ahead, everyone ~