MISBHV x Mookatatatata

February 13, 2014

Was beyond excited to receive the awesome products from MISBHV - they are definitely one to watch.  I love everything. And you will see many more posts on IG and here with their stuff! When they emailed me I couldn't believe my eyes... thank you fo' having me xx

Typing this while in my TROUBLE MAKER leather bomber jacket. I love it.
The leather smells so yummy and it's quilted on the inside so it keeps me very warm!

And the perfect denim jacket also by them!

Makin' trouble everywhere ~

IG @misbhv #misbhv


Mookata with the boyz

Set for 2 + Ala Carte dishes

UGH I love the tomyam soup so much here. So damn sinful but so good.

103 E Coast Rd, 428797

Glasses day cos I just got a bout of conjuctivitis. Fine now!

The next two weeks are crazy packed but exciting!

Love Life.