February 9, 2014

Soooooo I'm finally back here on - you might have noticed my blog's been down and I switched back to my blogspot domain and it has been SUCH a nightmare tryna get my domain back cos it expired and I had no idea!!!
SO happy it's back up!!!!!
Anyway it's gonna be auto renewed from here on so thank God I'm not gonna have to worry about that.

The past 2 weeks or so have been like a wonderful dream - spending time with the ones I love, eating WAY too much of my favourite food and (not paiseh to say this...) collecting lil red packets because I still can!!!
Fell pretty sick last week and I do have a lot of school work to catch up on so I guess after this post I wouldn't be sleeping for a lil while.
Planning my 21st has been really exciting as well... so thankful for the kind sponsors/party planner LY whom I will be sharing about more after the party ~~

CNY Reunion Dinner at homeeeee!!!

Homemade TangYuan

Day 1

Day 1's OOTD


Homemade DIY popiah. My Aunty M is such an amazing cook!!!

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4 - A date with my 玫瑰

The Marmalade Pantry - Ion Orchard


School and other GUUUD FUUDDD.

Aroy Dee - Bencoolen

One of the better wanton mee I've tried in SG!

Park Lane Shopping Mall


ROBOCOP - Gold Class 

My current favourite jacket and pantzzzzzzz!


Another movie date - Wolf of Wall Street was so good!

Tried this Souffle Baked rice... an interesting dish.

But this pasta dish was way better!

HOSHINO Coffee - Plaza Singapura



Poulet with these 2 monsters!

POULET - Bugis +


And Robert Timms! The food takes so long but is so yummy!

Robert Timms - Wheelock


Deeply loved, greatly blessed, highly favoured. Letting go and letting God.