Winter Wonderland

February 12, 2014

Was so excited on Sunday when a friend suggested we all go check out the ice exhibition at MBS!
Been seeing sooo many pictures of the place on IG and I had been wanting to go see just how cold it was... I heard it was -15 degrees but I didn't exactly believe it.....

Definitely believed it the moment I got my winter coat on and stepped inside?!?!?!?!
IT WAS FRIGGIN COLD. Immediately there was 'smoke' when I spoke (just like the movies haha) and I could feel my ears and noses freezing up. Damn crazy cold.

Anyway we even had beer in cups made of ice that you could smash after you finish the beer. S and I left the cup-smashin' to the boys.

Ice, ice, everywhere.

Still tryna take a good selfie tho my fingers were getting hard and turning bluee... hahahaha.

Found a prettier coat with fur and everything outside. Hehehe.

With a lil Eiffel Tower

Really wanted to eat something warm after so we headed to Ya Hua BKT, one of my favs, other than Founder's BKT!
Thank you to my dates of the day for letting me have my cravings :D

593 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169641