March 26, 2014

It's not a new thing for me to get questions like "Did you have plastic surgery? Cos you look way toooo different from the way you used to.." etc... And it is really SO FRUSTRATING for me to have to reply em, it's not cos I am 'hiding' anything or feel ashamed of it cos if I really had any work done I'd be so totally prouda it and announce it to the world since I am able to afford it (it's not cheap ok!) BUT I REALLY HAVEN'T MAN... You can scroll thru all my old archives (I haven't deleted any of my old pics, nothing to hide and nothing to be ashamed of) and notice there's no gaps for me to have a swollen post-recovery face which is something nobody who has had surgery can escape from. It takes at least a month to not look like a bao-face. 
When I do get any work done, if any, I WILL blog about it for sure!!!

So how come I look so different, right?
I credit how different I look to how I have much better makeup skills now... I have had aesthetic enhancements done, fillers done, NO botox yet (I kinda wanna try it next!!!), and today, I will be blogging about my one VERY VERY important detail to how different I look. 

I call it makeup for the eyes, and by that, I mean the eyeballs in my eyes.

......It's contact lenses!!!!!!!!!
I simply cannot live without contact lenses, and you can catch me with less or no makeup, but NEVER without contact lenses. My old pictures didn't have me wearing them cos I never knew the magic of it... but now I feel like a zombie without em. I've had problems before with contact lenses bought online but I've been ordering these GEO lenses that have given me no problems at all, and they are available here on the site I'll be introducing today.

These are my fav big eye brown contacts, code HC-246.
They come with authenticity stickers by GEOmedical, so don't worry!
They are really comfy, and I personally don't like wearing lenses for TOOO long but somehow these don't get as dry as they usually do! Do take note that contact lenses care are of utmost importance and even the best quality contact lenses can cause problems if you don't clean your lenses properly.

This is the contact lens case/solution I use, and it is SUPER effective cos it really cleans out all the dirt and stuff in your lenses. And note that this isn't a paid ad!

Check out my other fav designs from the site - I love the Grang Grang designs!

I personally think not everyone suits them and needs big eye contacts but majority of girls with big eye lenses just tend to look more 'awake' and prettier.
They are especially great for you if you have big eyes but small pupils (like me...). If you are blessed with not such a big difference in pupil size and eye size, you can get normal sized contact lenses as well from the site in different colours ~~
You will be surprised to see how different one can look with and without contact lenses.

Your link to bigger eyes :
Instagram: @floralteapartyx

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