Happy Birthday Mami

March 16, 2014

Taste Paradise at ION for my mami's birthday dinner!

She loves Chinese food the most so we picked this restaurant that had pretty good reviews...

Happy Birthday to the most beautiful mommy in the world!
 Despite all our differences, we're pretty much the same - And I am always so thankful for all we've been through cos it has brought us here today, and we are close as close can be. And I love you so much.


Now, on to the food pictures!
LOVE this XO Carrot Cake dish!

And Peking Duck... so yummy.

Combination Meat dish - not that great...

SUPER GOOD SOUP!!!! I love tasty clear soup. Really hate starchy western food type.

Some super yummy scallops!

And Tofu with TRUFFLE sauce... omg the truffle sauce's so good.. but the tofu that's green is a bit weird.

This was pretty good too, my fav spinach dish.

Salty fried rice that's pretty meh...

OOTD will be featured in upcoming blogpost on the 18th March (Tuesday)!


Just a pic of myself putting on lipstick (L'OReal's of course) in the toilet. HAHAH.

Have a good week ahead, everyone!