Never Bowling Again!

March 13, 2014

Was pretty excited to have dinner with my parents on a Saturday cos I've told myself to cherish as much time with them as possible... and also cos it's something I haven't done in awhile.

Canton Paradise at i12 Katong's one of my fav Chinese food places (other than ZiChar!)

A simple but hearty meal.


And then bowling after that for the first time (other than that one time we had to go as part of a field trip in primary school).... 
I WAS honestly really excited!!!! (WAS being the big keyword here)
WAS also still really happy while waiting for my bowling shoes...

And also WAS still hoping I could get the hang of it by the 5th or 6th throw....

And then realised I really freaking cannot do it. The ball is so heavy and it kept going into the 'drains'?!?!?! My fingernails were feeling so fragile and my shoulder felt like it was gonna dislocate.....
Despite everyone being super supportive and encouraging...... (I hit like 3 bowling pins and they cheered for me pretty loudly.... HAHAHA. )...... I gave up.

Anyway, was happy to be dressed in MISBHV credit of WWW.MISBHV.COM - Thank you for sending us so many goodies!
My BAD GIRL jacket made of good quality everything especially leather - HERE 
And his sweatpants - HERE

 Board games after which my current favourite weekend activity resulting in a super late night...
But I still managed to drag myself out of bed to church and brunch with the family at Soon Soon Teochew Porridge in Hougang which serves very good Teochew porridge!

I love the weekends!
Can't wait for the next already x