New Beauty Favourites

March 12, 2014

I love finding new beauty products that work and this month I have 3 to introduce to you and rave about - Been so addicted to these... I can't believe I've been living without em for so long?!

The first is some love for my skin and hair - other than DRx products that I've been using for a long time, I also love these natural olive oil ones that a friend introduced to me.
I use the Olive Oil in the bigger packet to nourish my hair when I don't have time for hair treatments, and the gel essence whenever I feel like my skin is dull and needs that extra boost of brightening.

Check out their facebook page HERE!


Also I love the new addition to my skincare regime by DRx - this anti-blemish mask that I use 2 times a week to clean up my skin and make it less oily. Cannot even bear the thought of this one finishing!

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Also, I've been pretty busy in school with projects as I'm graduating soon so I have very little time sleep and thus I've cut down on my makeup time with this Rachel Kum CC Renew pressed powder whenever I go to school - it's a pretty finish with a lot of convenience!

I love how hygienic the packaging is, and just one layer over my sunblock is good enough to make my skin look good - It comes in three different tones but I'm using 'Light'!

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