Squares 2.0 x Lovets

March 26, 2014

 Yet another crazy week - I don't know how I am surviving on so much work and so little rest.
I did fall sick, however, and I blame it on the sleepy pills in the night and caffeine overdose in the day coupled with the horrid curse of low blood pressure.
But still, always thankful and so greatly blessed with the love showered on me every day.

Been really too busy to take proper pictures on going-out days cos I have literally been doing nothing much but school work amongst ads all day everyday... I have 8 squares of what I've been up to though!

1. Chloe being cute as usual, watching TV super intensely while I do my work. Hey. It's been 6 assessments she's been with me already! 
2. Yum Mama I made for myself when I got super hungry the other day which I consider my best buy from my recent BKK trip.
3. New nails I adore by Belle (scroll down for details)
4.  And a sneak peek of my final year project. 

1.1. My new and only pair of red shoes from my Gugu - Melissa shoes smell so yum!
1.2. Sunday lunch with Paul and Hilda. 
1.3. Runnin' round town sourcing.
1.4. Runnin' to the famed Thieves Market to source as well!

Will update again ASAP, meanwhile you can check out updates on my IG/Twitter xx


Lovets sent me this boyfriend shirt the other day and I can't help but love it for it's comfy and casual look. It looks perfect with my sneakers and Boy bag!

They also have a lot of other unique and fun items up on site!

Quote "RACHEL" for 5% off total purchase with no minimum order valid for 1 week from the date of this post.

Happy shoppin'!!