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March 17, 2014

Like I've said in my previous few entries.. I'm pretty busy with school assignments late and am trying my bestest best to deal with all my emails as well. (***If I haven't replied you in more than 2 days do resend your email and I will get back to you ASAP!)

So I've put together this lil collage of what I've been up to the past 2 weeks....

A Monday hand-drawn surprise / My daily coffee fix / CP Ban Mee / "Toxic Blood removal" in hopes of curing my injured neck / Two new friends I made : Alfie and Ruffles / Fav Korean BBQ Pork takeaway / BOOST JUICE / Toss&Turn / Lola, my baby / Park Lane wanton mee / School / Homemade Prawn Mee / Project product shoot / 85 Popiah / The White Rabbit / Sourcing at TANGS


Life's  going to be as crazy till mid-April but I REALLY CAN'T WAIT and have NEVER been more motivated so all's good! Will update as often as I can on this space... ^.^

"If you're going through hell - Just keep going."


Also in this entry would be my feature on this super versatile basic that's a must-have in every girls' wardrobe!
The Black Pullover - perfect with jeans, denim shorts, leather shorts (like what I did), printed shorts, even midi skirts.... It is a basic that can keep you warm while looking chic ~

Clearer pictures here of how special this piece is - The sleeves are 'bubbly' so it's not just a boring ol' sweater! Comes in white as well.

Wondering where to get it...??
Welllll.... This piece is from none other than THEPETITEROSE!

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