Turning 21 // Birthday Party

March 6, 2014

Finally here to blog about my 21st birthday party! 
If you follow me on IG/FB or Twitter you would have probably seen some sneaks of it ~
But here in this post I have proper pictures all by the talented SmittenPixels mixed in with some of them taken with my own Samsung camera and Jaey's Panasonic as well as my second camera which is an Olympus Pen.... not forgetting the Polaroids that were a gift from Hilly Events, my party planner!

You know, I've never really celebrated birthdays that much.. the first real 'party' I've ever had would probably be the last one which was my 20th. And so I've always told people that I wanted an amazing 21st party to make up for all the birthdays that I didn't celebrate... and that's what I got. A lot of the credit doesn't go to me at all, though. I was super busy and lazy to plan it... so much of it was handled with gentle reminders and liaising with the party planner by D. 

I held it at one of the few Ocean Suites at Equarius Hotel! If you're wondering, I got the place on discount thanks to D's mom. But usually it should be almost 2k per night!
You can check out a video tour of it here : 

Desserts and savoury bites were lovingly made and sponsored by the very talented and creative young team behind KREMECOUTURE - It was my first time and everyone else's ever trying their other desserts other than the cupcakes and EVERYTHING WAS SO GOOD. They look as good as they taste and I'm not biased cos everyone else told me it was so good as well. Kept watching people sneak upstairs to eat! Hehe.

And if you're wondering who did the beautiful decorations of the entire party... It's none other than HILLY EVENTS who took care of everything for me from day 1 - be it liaising with KremeCouture or finding decorations that suited my theme/creating invitation cards... I would have died without their help because I've been so crazy busy with school that I didn't have the time to do all of it by myself. The balloons, hanging decor, table set-ups including flowers etc were all done by them.

And of course, my beautiful birthday cake by KREMECOUTURE that was made up of a cake on the top and floral (roses and hydrangeas) cupcakes all the way down... leading to the pretty pompoms and fairy lights all round the table and on the sides of the big window tank of the room done by HILLY EVENTS.

They were so pretty I kept hearing "How do I eat this?! They're too pretty?!" and when they ate it... "It's so yummy omg..."

And my fish friends and I getting ready to cut da cake!!!

It was so good to have everyone there, and thank you so much for all the presents and love you showered on me that day.... :')

The girls!

Cell, one of my oldest friends... Watching her and my parents hug after so long was such a heartwarming scene :'D

Just my favourite boys..! They were so super helpful with the photo-taking that day!!

My dearest Belle and her dearest Hubby!

The pillars of my life. I don't say it enough and show it enough but they are my entire world and I am so grateful for their unconditional love and support!

你们够 "brother"! Hehe.

Not forgetting these 3 dear dingdongs - missing J who is in Korea eating too much. Hahaha.

Last but not least, my awesome photographer with her boy and the two crazy ones who loved Chloe so so much!

Polaroids lovingly gifted and customised by HILLY EVENTS! It was actually a surprise for me! Super thoughtful and sweet of em, really. Thank you so much for this personal touch.

 Just some of the gifts I was gifted during the party ~

Love this badass Wolverine Bearbrick from the 3 boys!

Amongst all the gifts I've gotten on this birthday, this has gotta be the most touching one. A scrapbook the girls made full of old pictures of us from almost 6 years ago till now. So damn touched, really.. :,*)

Not forgetting the other sweet treats I was given to munch on thru the night!

And.... My birthday outfit was just a simple organza set I got in BKK!

Thank you to the fishies for being so beautiful to constantly look at, and the Ocean Suite for simply being amazing to spend my night there... not forgetting the complimentary cake they sent over cos someone told them it was my birthday!

If you're looking for people to bake your cakes and cook your bites for a party, look no further than KremeCouture!

Kreme Couture
216 Joo Chiat Road #01-03 Soholife
Singapore 427483
Call Us At: +65 9125 2522

And of course, Hilly Events is your go-to place for some awesome party-plannin'!!!

Think Parties, Think Hilly. 
For enquiries: hilly.events@gmail.com

To everyone who wished me, and especially to the ones who were there.. and the one who pretty much made everything happen just because you wanted to see me with a smile on my face. 
Thank you for all the love and making it such a memorably happy birthday. Even the word 'happy' doesn't suffice, I was pretty much euphoric for the past few days and counting!


I've learnt a lot this past year, and decided on changing many things about the way I live my life. I've won some, lost some. I've cried happy tears and sad tears and grew so much. 
And.... there are only better decisions to make amidst cherishing and loving the ones who never left my side all the more as I get older and they get older, too. 
Despite it all, I am always thankful to be so greatly blessed and loved by Him, who I am pretty much nothing without x