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March 23, 2014

Brought the huge camera out to play on Saturday - finally a break from all the crazy projects!
Will be bringing it out more often, so you can expect clearer pictures... heh.

Was brought to MBS for a 'surprise' - to have my fav pizza (besides Peperoni) in SG, and check out the light exhibits. 
Now... here is a ***DISCLAIMER*** - I am still learning to use this camera so all the blur and bad pictures are by me insisting on taking the shots. I'm still learning so gimme time!

Time to explore...

Also had macarons that melted so bad :'( But still tasted SO GOOD! I love the macarons from high society cos their flavours aren't super complicated and weird. Just simple - Lemon, Coconut, RaspberryRose etc...

And yes - NEW NAILS by my dearest Belle! 
This time I opted for florals with nude and black x gold. Love her skills and patience when it comes to every single one of my nail designs with her. 

Belle Tan
Location :
People's Park Centre, #03-58
Chinatown, Singapore
Chinatown MRT (exit D)


Oh and just me being very sad putting on plasters cos my feet hurt so much. Hahahha.

Another crazy 4 weeks to go. Truly the FINAL lap. 
Wish me luck!