Binge Drinking Costs More Than You Think

April 8, 2014

Today's blogpost is gonna be about something pretty different from my usual fashion/daily updates posts - I'm gonna be talking about binge drinking... 
*dang dang dang*

Do you know the definition of binge drinking? 

Of course we all have different levels of tolerance for alcohol, but this is a general gauge.
Personally, I have a really low tolerance. I can get high on like, a can of beer. HAHA. And I've a friend who can drink like 5x of that and be totally sober. 

Binge drinking is the cause of so many horrible situations... be it puking and falling around like crazy when you were looking so glamourous just 2 hours ago, accidents when driving under the influence (it can even be fatal), getting into fights, getting your things stolen, or even falling victim to outrage of modesty. Maybe even getting alcohol poisoning. 

Now if you're being like 'It happens in movies and in the news but it won't happen to me...'-ish, then you're wrong! I've had friends who had their phones or cameras stolen cos they were too drunk, and even getting alcohol poisoning.  Yes. This brings me back to a story from 2 years ago, of a close friend, CK. This is a real story! She actually drank SO much she completely forgot and did NOT know what happened to her for a timespan of 3 or 4 hours till she woke up in hospital after getting her stomach pumped. That alone is so scary, and even more so cos she's a pretty girl!!!! We must know our limits!

Learn how to drink responsibly! If you're not afraid by now, let me show you something interesting (and very scary too): There's this app on Android called Drinking Mirror and it shows you what happens to your face in 10 years if you drink too much:
Look at mine! Thank God I don’t binge!

Yknow, money is really important in life but you truly can't buy health and that's what a lot of us always forget. Remember to love yourself and don't put your body and health at such risk! Keep to 4 drinks for males and 3 drinks for females in one drinking session. 

So! I have compiled a list for my readers so you guys have easy reference on how to prevent binge drinking:
1. Know the consequences of binge drinking – This will prevent you from drinking more than you can handle. I would not want to drink excessively if I know that I would be puking all night.
2. Avoid placing yourself in situations and possible triggers for binge drinking – Try not to participate in drinking games or competition (remember point 1, you would not want to feel uneasy or be in pain for the rest of the night right?)
3. Know what the standard drink is – KNOW that most often the size served is larger than a recommended serving size. For example, one can of beer is 330ml
4. Drink your drink slowly – Slow and steady is the way to go, sip your drinks, don’t chug it!

I hope you guys think twice about taking a shot now. REMEMBER! Binge drinking has its consequences and you never want to be a part of it. We all must set our drinking limits!

To combat binge drinking, Health Promotion Board has come up with a contest. All you need to do is:
* Spot and snap a photo of the campaign wobblers and decals at any Cheers/NTUC Fairprice Xpress outlet. See the decal here!

* Upload the photo on your Twitter, Instagram for Facebook account with a caption on the consequences of binge drinking, tag me (@rchlwngxx) in the picture and hashtag #bingecosts
* The contest ends on the 28th of April 2014-03-19
There are prizes for this!!!
* The top 10 participants with the most creative photo and caption will win $60 worth of Watsons Vouchers
* The top 3 participants will also win an additional $20 worth of NTUC vouchers. So that’s $80 worth of vouchers in total! J
Here’s my take on Health Promotion Boards’ Binge Drinking campaign: