Coco Ichibanya x Short Update

April 9, 2014

OMG... I miss this space so much!!!

Honestly I'm so sorry and ashamed that this space has been so dead and filled with non-personal posts... BUT I HAVE TRULY BEEN SUPER BUSY. I pretty much haven't been going out at all other than to school or to run errands for school like buying materials or printing. Even the weekends are filled to the max with family time/a bit of time to relax and then it's work work work. I know I keep explaining and kinda 'complaining' as well everywhere and I am so sorry but this is my life for now...

 I do know I'm going to miss this crazy workload when all of this is over, though. And it's all going to be over in just 2 weeks! Really amazing how quickly this semester flew past and I'm finally going to graduate already. I've sacrificed so much for this certificate so I know the day I receive it, it is going to feel extremely amazing. Amongst these sacrifices are 6 sponsored trips(a recent two to countries I've never been and always wanted to go to!!!), amongst other awesome sponsorships and opportunities... Forget 'extremely amazing', I know it's going to feel beyond extremely amazing. 

Looking forward to new challenges and to fulfill all my plans and dreams, though! 
Especially can't wait for the holiday trips in the next 3 months... :D

Anyway today I managed to get released from class earlier after a critique session so I headed out of the usual school/home routine for a short dinner date at Coco Ichibanya which is at Bugis+!
Side note : I've really been looking so tired...

And on to the food - The food here is not too bad! I wouldn't say it's just edible so yes, still a 'pass'.
I love spicy food, so the super high spicy level 5 curry that I chose was great.

Pork cutlet with cheese Curry Rice.

Grilled pork and Kimchi Curry rice.

Fried Chicken Salad

It's very near my school so I guess I'll be back soon!

By the way... Really disappointed in my work. So much to improve on. Quality above quantity, but I hope I have enough time. 
Off for a power nap before I resume work.

Hope everyone has been having a great week so far! We're halfway through... x